To our community of brilliant artists and loyal fans, We are in the process of overhauling our services to better suit the needs of artists and music lovers. As a result, FAME900, Chillriot, Pillsound & RADIO900 will be shutting down. Our goal is to bring you a series of new tools & services that we sincerely believe will change the music industry for the better. As part of our new initiative, we are building powerful mobile apps and websites for outstanding artists at no charge. These apps will generate revenue for artists while raising funds for social causes. We have a number of incredible artists on board and are currently accepting more applicants. Artists interested in participating are encouraged to apply here. The application process is simple and takes around 2 minutes to complete. We are grateful for the love and support you've shown us over the years. We look forward to changing the world as our community embarks on the next leg of this creative journey. Lots of love, Arif Qureshi, Founder 900 Seconds of Fame Ltd